Escape to Better Times

A singing voice is different from a talking voice. I still wonder what Rudy’s talking voice sounded like. Hearing him singing and listening to the account’s of the people who personally knew him isn’t enough.

Rudolph Valentino, Sophie Tucker, and Kabar - Circa. 1924-1925
Rudy, his faithful dog Kabar, and his lovely family - circa. 1924-1925
"Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something."
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Rudy - circa. 1920s
I can’t help, but smile every time. Rudy’s smile is so infectious.
We miss you so dearly Rudy!
Camille - 1921 - Starring Alla Nazimova & Rudolph Valentino
Rudolph Valentino & Gloria Swanson - 1922
The Sheik - 1921 - Rudolph Valentino

I’m still love with the tints and tones used in early silent cinema, it gave movies such a charming touch. I kind of wish they continued to use them more into the 1920s and talkies periods. These two similar color techniques really set the mood… very nicely done in Gretchen the Greenhorn.